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one of the silent leader of static eliminators & corona treaters machine manufacturer & oem supplier in india since 1998.

DC static eliminators: 
For more effective static elimination at speeds as high as 900 mpm, the ELECTRO SYSTEMS DC static eliminating bar is a better option. 
These too are shockless and sparkless and can be positioned 150 mm away from the target where static needs to be eliminated......visit site.....

AC static eliminators:

ELECTRO SYSTEMS active static eliminating bars are of shockless type. Touching the electrodes will not give any shock. Powered by a high voltage source, the active bar provides very effective static elimination on moving webs and sheets. Single row bar is suited for most general purpose applications and the more powerful dual row bar is an ideal solution for more difficult and high speed applications...visit site....for more info...

 Corona Treater systems: 
  • Single Side -Corona Treater- Systems 
  • Corona Treater For Woven Saks

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